With the governments new roadmap providing a set of guidelines for business owners to follow, it’s now actually possible to plan small group experiences.

Regional Victoria is currently in Stage 3 and it is hope that Metro Melbourne will enter Stage 3 soon as well.

Like Lockdown 1.0 we believe that following the rules for the hospitality industry is appropriate for all small-classes and workshops.


  • Outdoors: 50 seated customers and 2 square metre per person density
  • Indoors: 10 seated customers per space and 4 square metre per person density
  • Tables must be spaced at least 1.5 metres apart, cleaned after every customer and the details of all customers must be kept.
It appears that under Stage 3, a COVIDplan is recommended but not mandatory. You can find a template here.
The above information is sourced from Business Victoria website, be sure to check yourself to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

So what now?

Well now that we have a roadmap out of this mess, it’s time to start listing experiences again. We are currently seeking the following types of experiences and workshops to be promoted on OHO Experiences.

Experiences for regional residents

40% of the One Hour Out audience are actually regional residents, and we have always received quite a lot of bookings from people located outside the city. So, if you are based outside the metro boundary then we would love to see new dates added now so that we can market to this group.

Experiences for metro residents

As it stands, our poor city-cousins will need to wait until Stage 3 has been declared before they can come and enjoy a regional experience again. Of course, this isn’t locked in stone and it may be brought forward (or even moved back!). Regardless, we would like to see dates for after October added now. Our default policy is to provide a full refund if an event is cancelled (although most choose to move to a new date) so why not give them the chance to book ahead now?

Note: You now have the ability to ‘shift’ customers to new dates from the admin area yourself, which makes managing customers much easier.

Nature-based experiences

There’s no doubt 2020 has changed how everyone interacts with the world. It’s pretty obvious that travel experiences will need to adapt not only to health guidelines, but also to how people feel about gathering together.
We believe that after this is all over a lot of people will be more introspective, with a desire to get back in touch with nature and to connect with values such as slow-living, hand-made and being more environmental conscious.

Please consider how you might be able to adapt your experience or create new experiences to fulfil this demand.

Next Step

If you live out of the city and have a unique skill that you would like to share with others, then we want to hear from you.

Please read our FAQ page to learn how it all works and then reach out with the form below.